The GlobalFest Urban Arts Program uses the foundations of Hip-Hop culture to improve the lives of young Canadians. This specialized arts curriculum helps youth build mental wellness and confidence while developing artistic skillsets. Our mission is committed to building the understanding of diversity by enriching students’ experiences in addition to the arts, culture and heritage programs delivered in Calgary schools.

Since 2010, over 10,000 students have participated in GlobalFest’s various programs. These students were all enrolled while being a part of in-school and after-school programs.

Our Approaches:

  1. Literacy Program: Using the versatility of spoken word poetry to teach diction, expression, storytelling and public speaking.
  2. Artistic Expression: Spoken word poetry, rapping, breaking, DJing and beat making.

School-Based Programs

This year, GlobalFest launched a literacy/poetry program for junior high students at Bob Edwards School. Students and teachers worked alongside our artists to explore the student theme “We Walk as One.” Our Urban Arts Team challenged participants to express what the theme meant to them in written form.

This proved to be especially challenging for some of the students who were working on their English-language skills. To aid in this process, we brought in an urban artist with competency in the Arabic language. The inclusion of this artist allowed the students to have the ability to create their own poetic creations.

On the final day, we joined many of the students for celebration and live presentations of their poetry.

Summer Camp

In the summer of 2019, GlobalFest’s Urban Arts Team launched a new summer program – MySummerJourneyYYC. This four-week camp was designed specifically for children of immigrant and refugee families who are still working to find their place in their new communities. Our collective team has partnered with Sunalta Community Association, Two Wheel View and Quickdraw Animation to provide a variety of new and creative avenues for expression, development of new skills and opportunities to become more aware of the history of our city and region.

Participants will have engaging and interactive experiences, such as visits to the Tsuut’ina Nation, Bar U Ranch, Heritage Park and having the chance to learn how to work as one on a dragon boat on the Glenmore Reservoir. All of these experiences are interwoven with the talented Urban Arts Crew who employ and display a wide variety of artistic disciplines.

Want to know more?

We believe that flexibility is key and that effective education requires versatile deployment. This is why we aim to tailor our programs so that they best suit individual student bodies and youth. Contact us today for a free consultation meeting!

Contact us today for a free consultation meeting!