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The GlobalFest Urban Arts Crew is a community that exists to promote universal love and respect through music and the arts. We assist Alberta’s youth to identify their art forms, and empower them to embark on a learning journey guided by self-love, self-care and connection to others.

Our Urban Arts Crew is fluent in the following art forms:

  • Street art & Graffiti murals
  • Urban dance styles: house, salsa, acro-ballet, hula-hoop, breakdance, vogue, hip hop
  • Rap (rhythm-and-poetry)
  • Spoken word poetry in English, Spanish, French and Tagalog
  • DJing / Turntablism
  • Beatboxing
  • Live music / Songwriting
  • MC (master of ceremonies, mic controller)
  • Theatre / Improv / Comedy

Artist-In-Residence Programs

We believe that bringing creative outlets for self-expression to youth can help young people transcend the negative mind-states brought on by racism, bullying, violence and discrimination. Through urban arts programs, young people gain a sense of community and their place in it.

Community-based artistic expression is the great equalizer, as it calms down extreme extroverts and gives courage to intense introverts, uniting everyone along the spectrum in between. Academically, we can teach any school curriculum through music and the arts. We incorporate live music, body movement, yoga, meditation and even aromatherapy into our teaching methods to transport the youth to an open mind-state where knowledge can settle in and remain, forever attached to memories of a positive and unique experience.

Youth are inspired to search for vocabulary words, strive to understand new concepts, and read to discover the information they need to use as material in their art pieces and performances. Every Urban Art form has natural links to standard school curriculum, such as counting out measures of music in DJing or dancing to teach numbers and fractions, or exploring social studies content through poetry and song, the possibilities are endless.

We create custom experiences for any age group, grade or ability level. We specialize in making connections with New Canadian, Indigenous, LGBTQ, at-risk and differently abled youth.

We are now booking our 2018-2019 school season! Talk to us about how we can accomplish your learning goals in a new, fun and engaging way.

Thank you to our 2017-2018 participating schools: Mount Royal School, Branton School and Calgary Girls School.

After School Programs

Our Urban Arts Crew collaborates with community organizations across Calgary to keep the momentum going once youth discover their passion for music and art, by offering free opportunities for youth to connect with local mentors, develop their art forms, meet new friends and have fun outside of school.

Thank you to our 2017-2018 after school partners: Calgary AfterSchool, The Alex Community Food Centre, Antyx Community Arts, Wiseguyz at the Calgary Sexual Health Centre, and Girl Guides of Canada.

Contact us to design a memorable after school experience for your community group or club!

Science Genius

Our Urban Arts Crew has the honour, for the second year in a row, to be the Hip Hop Ambassadors for Science Genius in Calgary, brought to you by Beakerhead, Dr. Chris Emdin and GZA, with the support of NSERC. Science Genius Rap B.A.T.T.L.E.S. originate in New York, but have since spread to Jamaica and Canada. Science Genius is a revolutionary way for youth to learn complex science curriculum by creating a Hip Hop / Rap song that demonstrates an understanding of their science content.

The Science Genius Championships will take place at the National Music Centre on May 31, 2018.

Thank you to our 2018 participating schools: Tsuut’ina Junior and Senior High School, Sir Wilfrid Laurier School, Annie Gale School, Louis Riel Elementary Junior High School, Langevin School, and W.O. Mitchell School.

Thank you also to the The StarMetro Calgary for your excellent coverage of the Science Genius Championships: Hip-hop helping Calgary students get schooled in science.

Urban Jungle

This special day is just for elementary school students, and consists of an action-packed morning of workshops with eight urban artists in a variety of art forms, followed by a live concert and a cypher (interactive jam session) for the youth to jump in and share what they have learned during the day. The theme is a far-future scenario, where nature and the animals have reclaimed the Earth, and the main characters of the play must work together and respect each other’s differences to survive. The journey the animals take is visually stunning and hilarious.

Thank you to our debut school for this new and exciting project: Saint Thomas Aquinas School

Contact us to find out more.

Corporate and Community Events

The GlobalFest Urban Arts Crew serves youth of all ages! We recruit high-caliber emerging artists and practice on-going professional development to deliver stellar live performances at landmark venues and grassroots community centres alike in Calgary and beyond, promoting positive energy, creative expression, artistic excellence and sense of community.

We work with all ages, from children and teens, to adults and seniors, to showcase the amazing world of urban arts culture, break down stereotypes and barriers, and get the audience involved and feeling empowered and united. We offer a wide variety of live performance, interactive workshops and team-building experiences.

Contact us today to book a unique, entertaining and meaningful event for your corporate or community group.