GlobalFest’s New Community Development Initiative

In 2021 GlobalFest launched the new “Reaching Out” Initiative. As our influence extends into the community, we are reaching out to corporate partners with common alignment to our new mission and vision. We seek support that goes beyond the financials. Support which encourages engagement. Thoughtful, active engagement.

The best and brightest ideas will be sought and nurtured, and the reach will continue to grow. The need is great. The challenge is significant. The benefits for all our citizens will be substantial. We will encourage our collective community to be a better place for all.

GlobalFest is a not-for-profit community development agency focused on the creation of a more inclusive society, with active and engaged participants, by reducing barriers and by gaining greater understanding.

The Reaching Out Initiative expands on the works that GlobalFest has undertaken for many years, in the five key areas detailed above.

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GlobalFest Groves

At full realization, GlobalFest Groves will be a series of in-community green spaces created collaboratively with OneWorld’s cultural association partners. Located alongside pre-existing urban reserves, they will be casual gathering spaces, landscaped with trees, seating areas, interpretive installations and level space for community events. The intent is to ensure the Groves annually capture more in carbon emissions that are generated by GlobalFest activities.

GlobalFest is expanding our community outreach and is launching the new initiative GlobalFest Groves as part of our year-round, OneWorld programming.

Internships & Mentorships

The Youth Leaders of Tomorrow Program has seen dozens of student interns work closely alongside GlobalFest staff in every aspect of event coordination.

Urban & Youth Arts Project

The Urban Arts program has connected with over 10,000 youth since 2010, engaging them in art and literacy programs in- and after-school.

Human Rights Forum

GlobalFest’s commitment is to ‘Continue the Dialogue’. Moving from a single weeklong series to a more robust offering, with additional stand-alone community forums to explore the findings of the main event.

OneWorld Cultural Programming

Early in 2021 GlobalFest Flavours launched, bringing the tastes of the international food featured at the festival, into people’s kitchens.

The OneWorld Festival is a significant part of the Elliston Park experience, and year-round we showcase cultural performance at numerous events and venues around the city.

Do you see alignment with your organization’s future goals? Connect with us as we Reach Out and build a better Calgary for all.

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