GlobalFest takes OneWorld Festival online for Alberta Culture Days – September 2020

This is the first summer since 2003 that GlobalFest’s International Fireworks Festival won’t be lighting up the sky above Elliston Park. Instead, this year will focus on the OneWorld cultural programming that is an integral part of the festival experience, with a series of online events as part of Alberta Culture Days.

Premiering on Friday 4 September, GlobalFest is excited to present the OneWorld Virtual Showcase. Featuring numerous cultural partners, with photos and video of past performances from the festival stages plus other events in Calgary, it is a visual and auditory feast of the many dance groups and multicultural associations that make up the cultural fabric of this city.

Following on, with chapter one being released on Monday 14 September, is the Canadian Cultural Mosaic. Originally commissioned to be performed live on the TD mainstage at GlobalFest for Canada150, it is a narrative about the development of Canada from the perspective of Indigenous founding nations, and the stories of various migrant groups as they arrived in Canada. Chapters two and three will be released later in the fall.

Finally, the first three episodes of the OneWorld Spotlight mini-documentary series will be released on Monday 21, Thursday 24 and Monday 28 September. Featuring representatives from the many cultural pavilions that participate in GlobalFest, the interviews will explore history, stories and music from their national heritage. OneWorld Spotlight continues the popular Passport Pursuit contest online – with questions presented in each episode, and viewers submitting their answers via the entry form on the GlobalFest site for a chance to win a grand prize valued at over $6000 from Air Canada. The whole series will be released progressively over a 12-week period.

Each installment of OneWorld programming is released on GlobalFest’s YouTube channel at noon on its premier date, and will remain viewable throughout September and beyond.

Alberta Culture Days
September 1 – 30, is about discovering, experiencing and celebrating our unique blend of peoples and passions, and the importance of culture to a healthy and vibrant province.

Passport Pursuit – online!

Travel the world without leaving your home! As we can’t come together in Elliston Park for 2020, the popular Passport Pursuit contest is happening online through the OneWorld Spotlight mini documentary series.

Tune in each week to watch two new episodes, successfully answer the quiz questions and enter for your chance to win a prize valued at over $6000 from Air Canada. Commences September 21 with the winner announced December 18.

This will be an epic multicultural (and educational) adventure as you hear the stories, music and a little history about just a few of the many nationalities that are part of Calgary.

Check out the teaser and subscribe now!

Elliston Park opens at 6:00 pm, so come early and take in the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes that the OneWorld Festival has to offer. Pavilions from some of Calgary’s cultural communities will be showcasing their heritage dress, cultural music, incredible performances, and interactive activities for all. Take a stroll through the Night Market, featuring vendors with authentic handcrafted arts and keepsakes.

The OneWorld Festival will play host to various activities on-site (subject to change):

Citizenship Ceremony
Performance Stages
Cultural Pavilions
Night Market
Passport Pursuit


You Will Love The Food

Local restaurants & groups pull out all the stops to bring you the most delicious international fare you’ll ever try!


Come Celebrate a World of Difference! The OneWorld Festival brings together over 60 cultures.

Night Market

Check out vendors with authentic handcrafted keepsakes, fashionable accessories and clothing, or the perfect present for your pet

Live Music

Dance the summer night away as you revel in the international sounds of local groups from around the world!

Citizenship Ceremony

For the past 12 years GlobalFest, in partnership with Citizenship and Immigration Canada, has held a citizenship ceremony onsite at Elliston Park during the OneWorld Festival and the International Fireworks Festival. The citizenship ceremony has become an important element of our programming, and this year we are celebrating by welcoming 100 individuals as new Canadians in 2019.

This year the ceremony will take place on Tuesday, August 20th on the OneWorld Stage at approximately 7:00 PM, the epicenter of multicultural activity and celebration at GlobalFest.

Performance Stages

OneWorld Stage

Open Schedule

Main Stage
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Open Schedule

Busking Schedule

Open Schedule

Cultural Pavilions


Pavilion Coordinators: Cheikh Wade & Ndeye Mbow

Welcome to Africa! Once again, it’s time to celebrate!

Come explore and share the diversity of the African culture. Our pavilion will showcase traditional African art, crafts and information about different countries in Africa. The theme of our pavilion this year is the “History of the Djembe Drum,” so please visit us to learn more!

Venez découvrir la diversité de la culture africaine. Notre pavillon expose des objets d’art provenant de différents pays en Afrique. Notre thème sera l’histoire du Djembe et sa place dans la culture Africaine. Un instrument de musique qu’on trouve dans plusieurs pays en Afrique.


Pavilion Coordinator: Sabina Isgandarova

Alberta Azerbaijani Cultural Society welcomes everyone to experience a cultural journey to Azerbaijan!

Located between the Caucasian mountains and Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan has been a connecting point between the East and West since the times of the Silk Road. Azerbaijan has well preserved ancient traditions of Caucasus. Among these traditions are hospitality, preparation of delicious meals, handmade accessories and beautiful dances. Visit our pavilion to discover our cultural display, view handmade crafts and learn more about Azerbaijan. You will also have an opportunity to enjoy Azerbaijani dances and to sample delicious food from Azerbaijan and nearby regions.

Do you still remember why Azerbaijan is sometimes called “The Land of Fire”? This will be our second year with GlobalFest, and we invite everyone to stop by and learn more about our country and culture.


Pavilion Coordinator: Nasreen Akther& Mahbub Alam

Ambassador: Ryeen Khondokar

Bangladesh, meaning “Bengal Nation,” is a low-lying country formed by the alluvial plain of the Ganges-Brahmaputra river system, the largest delta in the world. Bangladesh, on the northern coast of the Bay of Bengal, is surrounded by India, with a small common border with Myanmar in the southeast. Bangladesh has a rich and diverse cultural history. Its deeply rooted heritage is thoroughly reflected in its architecture, dance, literature, music, painting and clothing. Visit our Pavilion and immerse yourself in the rich Bangladeshi culture featuring arts, crafts and artifacts, as well as information about the different regions of Bangladesh.


Pavilion Coordinator –Shannon Bear

Chief Ambassador – Waylon and Eileen Black

Welcome to the Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park pavilion! Take the opportunity to learn about Blackfoot culture and history and watch traditional dance and drum performances. Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park is proud to be the First Nations representative at GlobalFest!

The Siksika Nation welcomes you into our traditional territory and into our tipi. Look around our Pavilion and experience the Siksika way of life. Ask us about how we lived in the past and how we live today. Talk to us about our tipi designs, food, powwows or humour and we will do our best to immerse you into Blackfoot Culture!

Historical Park Tipis

More information coming soon.


Pavilion Coordinators: Cris Alcoforado & Pedro Almeida

Visit our Pavilion and immerse yourself into the rich Brazilian Culture with arts, crafts, artifacts, and information about the different regions of Brazil. You will also have the opportunity to speak with native Brazilians living in Calgary and learn about activities offered by the Brazilian Association throughout the year, such as Carnaval, Festa Junina, BrazilFest and Reveillon. Don’t forget to try on traditional Brazilian costumes for a memorable picture!


Pavilion Coordinator: Jenifer Leehim

Together we aspire to achieve – welcome to the Caribbean Pavilion! This year, the Caribbean Pavilion will showcase the arts & crafts of the Caribbean Islands. Local craft specialist Jenifer Leehim will have a variety of beautiful costume dolls, beaded necklaces, seashell ornaments and many other Caribbean themed souvenirs. The mesmerizing sounds of the Trinidad & Tobago Organettes Steelband can be heard on selected days of the Festival.


Pavilion Coordinator: Dago Correa


The Chilean Canadian Community Association of Calgary is proud to welcome you to our pavilion! Bordered by the Andes Mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west, Chile is a long, narrow South American country. Did you know that the Chilean coastline stretches over 4,300 km?

Chilean geography is very diverse, with the northern Atacama Desert housing extensive vineyards and fruit and vegetable production, and southern Patagonia’s natural beauty attracting thousands of tourists each year. Chile also governs Rapa Nui, the tiny island in the South Pacific which is commonly known as Easter Island.

Chile’s geography lays the foundation for the composure of the country’s eclectic cultural fabric. Each region has its own unique art, dance and other cultural customs. This includes the Indigenous Mapuche Nation, who live in a traditional way.

We hope that you will enjoy exploring our pavilion and culture!


Pavilion Coordinator – Jilin Wang and Linxia Zhu

The splendid traditional Chinese culture has been deeply loved by people all over the world. This year, the Chinese Consulate General of People‘s Republic of China in Calgary will present a beautiful picture of Chinese elements and give visitors a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. From the top of the exhibition hall, you will see the Chinese style painting umbrella, the big red paper lanterns, the various traditional Chinese feature pendants, folding fans, and all kinds of handmade ethnic handicrafts, embroidery works, vein painting bookmarks, Chinese knot jewelries, silk costumes and especially small commodities. Tea ceremony would be mostly attractive this year, never miss this. We sincerely welcome you to visit China Pavilion, get close to Chinese classics, learn and enjoy more Chinese culture.

Francophonie-Calgary Pavilion (Le Pavillon de Francophonie-Calgary)

A francophone market at GlobalFest animated by music performances.

Come and discover many multicultural francophone community’s artisanal products: handcrafted jewelry, maple products, coloring books featuring Indigenous art and artists from First Nations, and much more. Be sure not to miss our francophone dance groups and bands who will be performing on GlobalFest stages. Come taste a real Québec poutine or a savoury smoked meat sandwich at « Deli Q » food tent.

Un marché francophone animé par des performances musicales à Global Fest.

Venez découvrir des produits multiculturels et artisanaux de la communauté francophone : bijoux faits à la main, vêtements culturels, produits de l’érable, cahier à colorier d’art autochtone et bien plus. Ne manquez pas musique et danse de culture francophone sur les scènes de Global Fest. Venez savourer de la vraie poutine ou un délicieux sandwich à la viande fumée à la tente alimentaire de « Déli Q ».


Pavilion Coordinator: Niyanta Kotecha

India’s astounding diversity of religions, languages, and cultures is unique and unparalleled. The society is a vast subcontinent, varied and complex in its rich heritage, and is among the oldest in the world. This year our pavilion will consist of an excellent collection of Indian handicrafts, artefacts and jewelry as well as Henna/Mehendi painting. Henna/Mehendi is a form of body art from Ancient India, in which decorative designs are created on a person’s body, using a paste, created from the powdered dry leaves of the henna plant (Lawsonia inermis), this is believed to bring good luck to the person wearing the Henna. This year we will also be showcasing both traditional and modern Indian culture in the form of 3 different dance performances by our very talented artists of varying age groups. These dances will reflect India’s vastly diverse culture of different states. The costumes of all the dancers will be a glamorous display of Indian ethnic wear.


Pavilion Coordinator: Sara Tokhanbeigi

Ambassador: Deniz Afshari

The Iranian Pavilion is organized by the Persian Gulf Club which is a not for profit Student Union sanctioned club at the University of Calgary. The Iranian pavilion is a platform to introduce GlobalFest attendees to both the traditional and contemporary aspects of Iran. The booth will be decorated with traditional elements as well as photographs depicting modern Iran. The Iranian pavilion will exhibit authentic handcrafted goods and information about the culture, history, geographical and touristic attractions of the country through video, picture and book displays.

Visitors will have a chance to have their names written in Persian calligraphy and to participate in trivia games. Visit our pavilion to discover more.


Pavilion Coordinator: Cynthya Bringas & Elizabeth Godinez

Hola Amigos, come experience the kindness and hospitality of Mexican people!

Mexico is a unique country with endless distinct cultural facets, including its history, art, music, food, nature, and daily modern life. Our pavilion invites you to experience Mexican culture throughout our beautiful displays. On stage, Viva Mexico Dance Company and Viva la Danza group will perform colourful folkloric dances from different regions of Mexico that encompass our wonderful traditions. We invite you to explore the different paths of Mexico. Hasta la vista amigo.


Pavilion Coordinators: Fouzia Ali & Zia-Ul-Haq

Assalamu Alaikum (Kush Amdead) means welcome to the Pakistan Pavilion.

Stretching from the mighty Himalayas in the north to the vast Arabian Sea, Pakistan truly is a gateway between continents, cultures, civilizations and history. The Pakistan Canadian Association of Calgary has worked hard to preserve and promote this culture within Canada. Pakistani immigrants have been making Alberta their home for over 50 years. Visiting the Pakistan Pavilion reveals a rich tapestry of languages, customs and traditions. Come and see some of the world’s most beautiful cultural artifacts including clothing, jewelry, handicrafts, embroidered shawls and henna tattoos. We promise that a visit to the Pakistan Pavilion will feel as though the silk and spice trading routes of the ancient past have found their way to Calgary!


Pavilion Coordinator: Marietta Pangan


The Republic of the Philippines, located on the southeastern rim of Asia. Historians believe this moniker was popularized by the national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, who used the phrase in his poem, “Mi Ultimo Adios.” Some say it is because of its rich natural resources; some say it’s because of being a major producer of the Golden South Sea Pearls.

We are excited to showcase our pavilion which will emulate our diverse culture and rich traditions. Don’t miss the cultural performances which will be performed by the University of Calgary Filipino Students’ Association and Kasayahan Performing Arts at the different stages at GlobalFest. Authentic Filipino cuisine will be served by the chefs of the Philippine Food Booth.

We can’t wait to see you then!


Pavilion Coordinators: Veronica Chirnoaga & Andrada Popa

“Bine ati venit la Pavilionul Romanesc! Welcome to the Romanian Pavilion!”

Romania is the land of Dracula, the country of Nadia Comaneci, the cloudland of the medieval castles and the world’s famous painted monasteries. You are more than welcome to get to know us better! Romania is full of beautiful places and people who over time, with their inventions, changed the world that we live in. We warmly welcome you to visit us at our pavilion to see performing traditional dancers and singers, to find out about our folklore/folk music, to learn about Romanian costumes and legendary craft and lots of other surprises!


Pavilion Coordinator: Rayna Moffatt

We have many beautiful places all over Canada that have been named after someone or something from Scotland. Calgary, for example, is named after the beautiful Scottish beach, Calgary Bay

which is home to the stunning Calgary Castle. Come visit us in our Calgary Castle and take in breathtaking artwork from local Scottish artists. See photographs taken of Scotland’s beautiful land and Castles. Visit with local Scots from the St. Andrew’s Caledonian Society and shop Scottish wears from

The Highland Shoppe. We invite ye to come hold a traditional Targe and pose with a Clansmen, Kilted Dancer or Nessie. Live Bagpipes, Highland dancers and just maybe a Princess?


Pavilion Coordinator: Steven Terenta & Dave Langerholz

Dober dan! “Good Day!”

Welcome to Slovenia. You can’t spell Slovenia without love. We at the Slovensko Kanadsko Društvo – Calgary, (Slovenian Canadian Club of Calgary), are excited to participate in our first Globalfest. We would like to take you on a journey to this South Central European country of just over 2 million people. From the majestic Alps to the warm Adriatic Sea, forest, caves and plains, Slovenia and their people have much to offer. Come join Slovenian – Canadians and explore all your senses with us!


Pavilion coordinators: Veronica Guirado & Ramon Llorente

Spain has been known for its myriad of art, flamenco guitar and dance, impressive architecture, gastronomic delights and beautiful landscapes, including beaches and the countryside of Andalusia. For thousands of years, Spain has been considered one of the cultural centers of Europe.

Espana en Calgary (Spanish Cultural Association) invites you to explore and journey through the diverse country of Spain. Enjoy our market of Spanish items or take a quick flamenco lesson from one of our local dancers. Ole!

Performer Coordinator: Francesca Canalizo

Sabores de flamenco (Sa-boar-Es)

Flamenco is a passionate art form that originates from the south of Spain. There are 3 main elements, guitar, song and dance that create the energy of Flamenco. The audience is also key in performance as well. We enjoy it when audience members wish participate in Jaleos (ha-lay-ohs), which are shouts of encouragement to the performers.

Here are a few easy ones you can use at any time during the performance, (if you hear an inspiring moment with guitar, or see a powerful moment, or simply enjoy)

The most common ones to use:

Ole (Oh-lay)

Eso (Esso)

Guapa (Goo-ah-pa)


Pavilion Coordinators: Pana Verhaest

Thailand is a kingdom of wonder, filled with spectacular natural, cultural, and historical attractions. Thailand has a rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes of great natural beauty featuring Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife, and spectacular islands and beaches. Along with a fascinating history and a unique culture that includes delectable Thai food and massage, Thailand features a modern capital city, and friendly people who epitomize Thailand’s “land of smiles” reputation.

Visit our Pavilion to see the beautiful scenery of the five regions of Thailand and come out to watch our classical Thai Dance performances nightly on the GlobalFest stages.


Pavilion Coordinator: Akin Koksal

Hoşgeldiniz/Welcome! Turkey is a transcontinental country between Asia and Europe with a rich and vibrant culture. Turkey is a natural land bridge between Africa, Asia, and Europe allowing the region to compile countless cultural treats over several millennia through multiple empires built in this land. Turkey was the home of great poets and philosophers such as Rumî and Yunus Emre. Among the many wonders of Turkey, one can count Cappadocia, Ephesus, Blue Mosque, Olympos, Aspendos, Nemrut, Hagia Sophia, Topkapı, Halikarnassus, Basilica Cistern, Butterfly Valley, Hattuşa, Troya, Kapalı Çarşı and Göbeklitepe for starters.

After the second decade of the twentieth century, the founder of the Republic of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Atatürk led many revolutions which are allowed Turkish society to quickly advance in all areas of modern life. Among these agriculture and land reform, right to vote and elevating women’s place in society, new alphabet and calendar, and secularization of government are just a few. Come to Turkey Pavilion to experience this unique culture of historical country. Görüşmek üzere/See you!


Pavilion Coordinator: Mariel Higuerey & Ernesto Guidino

The Venezuelan pavilion represents the Merida State – one of the 23 states of Venezuela and one of the main cities of the Venezuelan Andes. It is a university city with a friendly and cultural atmosphere. Its spectacular mountain position makes it ideal for outdoor sports and activities.

In the pavilion, festival attendees will be able to see aspects of this beautiful city. A couple of the highlights are:

· Teleferico Mukumbari – the highest and longest cable car system in the world with 12.5 Km and reaching 4,765 metres above the sea level.

· Laguna de Mucubaji – one of the biggest lagoons in the region with glacier origins. Located within the Sierra Nevada National Park it is the perfect example of the fauna and flora of the paramo ecosystem typical in the area.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to taste Venezuelan chocolate and interact with association members and volunteers to learn more about this beautiful State and our Country.


Concessions, International Food Booths & Trucks

  • Arepas Ranch
  • Caribbean
  • Chinese
  • Corn Roasters Canada
  • Deli Q
  • Eat A Pita
  • Empanada Queen
  • Fiasco Gelato
  • India
  • Indonesian Kitchen
  • Jacked Up Coffee
  • Jane Bond Mongolian Grill
  • Lazy Dog Lemonades
  • Lil’ Orbits Mini-Donuts
  • Mi Ranchito Taco Bus
  • Philippines
  • Red Plate
  • Shabba Shawarma
  • Shogun Teppanyaki Grill
  • So Yum Eh!
  • Sugar Creek Kettle Corn
  • Taiko Taco
  • Taste of Vietnam
  • Tryzub Ukrainian
  • Wannawafel
  • Whales Tails
  • Yummy Churros
  • Zilford’s Fried Chicken

Night Market

  • Arcane Coda
  • Corabella Handcrafted Wirework Jewellery
  • Jungle Flare
  • International Paintball Group