GlobalFest 2022

We are thrilled to announce the return of GlobalFest to Elliston Park in the summer of 2022.

The presenting pyrotechnic teams for the International Fireworks are:


Thursday, 18 August

Amir Morani Fireworks


Saturday, 20 August


Tuesday, 23 August


Thursday, 25 August


Saturday, 27 August

Archangel Fireworks

2020 Ticket Exchanges

If you chose to hold over your ticket from 2020 and did not exchange it for 2021, please connect with us in May 2022 when we will reopen the exchange process for next year’s event.


Both OneWorld and the International Fireworks are part of the annual GlobalFest celebrations that take place at Elliston Park in East Calgary (main gate at the corner of 17th [International] Avenue and 60th Street SE).

Elliston Park is open from 6:00 pm – 11:30 pm on the following evenings (please note: there is no entry after 9:15pm).

Prohibited Items2021-11-18T10:10:22-07:00

For the safety and comfort of all our guests, the following items are not permitted within Elliston Park for the duration of GlobalFest:

– Glass / glass bottles.

– Drugs and outside alcohol.

– Wheeled vehicles including bicycles, scooters, skateboards, mopeds and similar – whether human powered or electric. Bike racks are available.
*Mobility devices, strollers and small pull wagons are permitted.

– Drones. Elliston Park is a no-fly zone. Learn more.

– Pets of any species unless they are Qualified Service Guide Dog. More information here.

– Shade structures, large beach umbrellas, tents or canopies, as they can obstruct other attendees view and are a hazard in windy conditions when not secured correctly. Rain umbrellas are permitted.

Management reserves the right to refuse entry and/or restrict any other items from being brought into the event at their discretion, should a risk to public safety be identified.


There are absolutely no drones allowed in, over or around Elliston Park during GlobalFest.

For More information please visit:
City of Calgary
Calgary Police Service
Transport Canada

Beer Gardens2021-07-28T15:50:46-06:00

Beer Gardens

GlobalFest is a family event, but we do offer alcoholic beverages from around the world for guests 18 and older. For 2021, the whole park is licensed, so you can purchase your beverages and enjoy them responsibly in your seating area.

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Composting & Recycling2018-05-07T15:29:47-06:00

Composting & Recycling

In support of our Green Program presented by GDI Integrated Facilities Services, we provide a number of green bins for composting, short blue bins for beverage container recycling and City of Calgary blue bins for paper, cardboard and plastic items.

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Food Concessionaires2020-07-16T10:00:32-06:00

Food Concessionaires

Our concessionaires offer a variety of festival fare.

We also offer cultural fare through our International Food Booths. Click here for a complete listing.

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Wheelchair accessible & Senior Viewing2020-07-16T09:58:19-06:00

Wheelchair Accessible & Senior Viewing

Wheelchair accessible and senior viewing is available between RONA VIP Gate & Corner Gate.

Please note: seating is not provided.

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GlobalFest offers general festival seating areas. There are two large seating bowls created by the landscape of the park, with the seating areas around four performance stages.

For 2021 only, the new Southview area, past the South Bowl, has opened up to give pyromusical fans a one-time-only, closest ever vantage point for the fireworks.

Guests are encouraged to bring their own blankets and lawn chairs.

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Weather Conditions2018-05-07T15:24:00-06:00

Weather Conditions

Fireworks could be postponed due to any conditions that organizers feel may jeopardize public safety. The alternate postponement day is the day following regularly scheduled performances.

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Clothing – What To Wear & Bring2018-05-07T15:20:55-06:00

Clothing – What To Wear & Bring

Being an outdoor festival in Calgary, the temperatures do cool down after sunset. Please plan ahead; check the forecast and dress accordingly. Feel free to bring tarps, blankets or chairs to sit on and keep warm!

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There is absolutely no smoking (cigarettes, vaping & Cannabis inclusive) permitted within Elliston Park during GlobalFest.

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Pets & Service Animals2021-11-16T12:10:48-07:00

Pets & Service Animals

There are absolutely no animals permitted in Elliston Park during GlobalFest with exception to Service Guide Dogs. These Qualified Service Guide Dogs must:

  • Come from one of Alberta’s Qualified Service Dog Organizations
  • Pass an Assessment administered by a qualified organization
  • Come from a school certified by Assistance Dogs International (ADI)

Owners will be asked to produce Government of Alberta Service ID Card and ADI School ID Card.

Emotional support or comfort dogs and therapy dogs are not considered service dogs under Alberta’s Service Dogs Act and Service Dogs Qualification Regulations . Emotional support dogs provide comfort and companionship to the dog owner, but are not trained to do specific tasks that assist a disability. A therapy dog is brought by the owner on visits to people in institutions or in their homes, providing others with an opportunity to interact with a dog.

For the safety of all guest’s attending GlobalFest, emotional, comfort or therapy animals will not be permitted in Elliston Park during the festival.

All Service Animal Handlers must carry an Alberta Service Dog Identification Card.

For more information or questions please contact:
Service Dog Assessment Team
780-427-9136 (Edmonton)
310-0000, then 780-427-9136 (toll-free)

Government of Alberta
Human Services

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On-Site Box Offices2021-07-27T14:34:56-06:00

On-Site Box Offices

The will be NO box office on site for ticket exchange or sales for 2021. All 2020 pass holders must exchange their ticket prior to attending the event.

If you have physical tickets in hand – please come to the GlobalFest Office to exchange them during regular office hours Alternatively: send your tickets in by registered mail PRIOR to August 1 for new tickets to be mailed out.

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Children’s Tickets2018-05-07T15:06:56-06:00

Children’s Tickets

Free admission for children 5 and under when accompanied by an adult.

If over 5, they fall under regular ticket prices. Click here for more information.

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Click here for more ticket information.

ALL DATES TENTATIVE. Fireworks will be postponed due to any conditions that organizers feel may jeopardize public safety. NO EXCHANGES OR REFUNDS. Upon postponement of an event or presentation, the event or presentation will be rescheduled. Ticket or pass holder assumes any and all liabilities as to risk and danger resulting from attending an event or presentation. Ticket or pass holder waives any claims for loss of personal effects or personal injury whether incurred before, after or during the event or presentation. Rules enforced and/or displayed on-site apply to the holder of said ticket or pass. Management reserves the right to deny entry to a ticket or pass holder whose behavior is deemed inappropriate.

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Bicycle racks are provided free of charge at Elliston Park on a first-come, first-served basis. Racks can be found by both Southland Gate (17th [International] Avenue and 61st Street SE) and RONA VIP Gate (along 60th Street SE).

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Accessible Parking2020-07-16T09:56:43-06:00

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking is available for those with a valid Accessible Parking Placard at the RONA Distribution Centre (2015 – 60 Street SE). The parking lot can be accessed at the intersection of 23 Avenue and 52 Street SE on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Parking & Shuttle Bus Service2021-07-27T14:32:46-06:00

Parking & Shuttle Bus Service

There is no parking available at Elliston Park.

Southland Transportation is offering public shuttle service from Marlborough Mall (free parking)

Southland Transportation provides a return shuttle service to and from Elliston Park for just $6.00 per person, per night. Free shuttle service for children 5 & under when accompanied by an adult.

Southland Transportation – Shuttle Bus Policy – All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. In the event that a GlobalFest presentation has been postponed, any unredeemed Shuttle passes that have been purchased online will remain valid only for the postponement date. Any shuttle passes that have already provided service cannot be redeemed a second time. Should you have any questions in this regard please contact Southland Transportation – Charters.


Please be advised: After each evening’s pyromusical display, all vehicular traffic (including shuttles) will be held until it is deemed safe to move vehicles. For the safety of all our patrons, we ask that you please be patient as you exit the festival site.

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Road Closures2021-07-28T15:48:25-06:00

Road Closures

To ensure everyone’s safety during the OneWorld Festival and the International Fireworks Festival, 17th (International) Avenue SE between 52nd Street and 68th Street SE will be closed from approximately 6:00 pm until 11:30 pm. During this period, traffic will be detoured to Memorial Drive via 52nd Street and 68nd Street SE.

Please be advised: After each evening’s pyromusical display, all vehicular traffic (including shuttles) will be held until it is deemed safe to move vehicles. For the safety of all our patrons, we ask that you please be patient as you exit the festival site.

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Festival Grounds2018-05-07T14:45:35-06:00

Festival Grounds

There are three entrances to Elliston Park – two entrances off of 17 Avenue (International Avenue) SE and one along 60 Street SE. Gates open at 6:00 pm every night.

GlobalFest reserves the right to inspect any bags or packages brought into the park by patrons.

Glass containers and alcohol are strictly prohibited.

Beer, wine, and a selection of international beverages are available for purchase on site at the OneWorld Café and International Bar.

There is absolutely no smoking (cigarettes, vaping & Cannabis inclusive) permitted within Elliston Park during GlobalFest.

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Refunds and Exchanges2021-08-26T14:24:26-06:00

GlobalFest does not offer refunds or exchanges on tickets. Ensure that you have selected the correct date that you wish to attend prior to purchase.
In case of event postponement due to extreme weather (high wind or electrical storms), tickets for that show will be honored for the scheduled country’s presentation the following night. Tickets cannot be switched to another night.

For 2021 only, tickets purchased for the cancelled 2020 festival are able to be exchanged – either for this year, or held until 2022. Once an exchange to 2021 is made, a second exchange to 2022 is not possible, so please be sure that you wish to attend this year.