The International Fireworks illuminate the sky with a colliding orchestra of light and sound. 2022 features presentations produced by world-class pyro musical artists, including 2021 Champion India, first time entrant Austria, and returning countries France and Germany; plus GlobalFest’s own spectacular Finale presentation by Canada’s Archangel Fireworks.

Each night of fireworks by the presenting country has adjudicators looking for several things:

  1. The quality of the display
  2. Originality of the artistic concept: the choice of music and staging
  3. Brilliance and richness of colours used
  4. 50% of the music used is native to the presenting country
  5. Synchronization: the precision of the marriage between music, sound effects, and fireworks
  6. Scope of the work

The result of these artistic requirements are presentations that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world, making each night of the International Fireworks a world premier presentation.

The lake at Elliston Park adds a special dimension to the festival – the reflections in the water add a fluid, shimmering mirror of the show taking place above. It is the designer’s hope that the audience will lose themselves in the colours and rhythms of the display, while simultaneously being mesmerized by the cadence of the explosions and glittering forms.



Thursday 18 August

Amir Morani Fireworks


Saturday 20 August


Tuesday 23 August


Thursday 25 August


Saturday 27 August

Archangel Fireworks Inc.

2021 Pyromusical Shows



Title Of Show: Summer of Passion 

Designer(s): Yongjun Peng, Liuyang Jinyi Fireworks Co., Ltd 


Liuyang JinYi Fireworks Co., Ltd is located in the world fireworks capital–Liuyang city, Hunan Province. It is a professional fireworks company that concentrates on fireworks production, fireworks sales and fireworks displays. Jinyi has the Grade A fireworks display qualification, has planned and implemented a lot of large-scale, influential fireworks shows at home and abroad since its establishment. This fireworks display is mainly red, green, silver and brocade, bringing the audience a feeling of freshness, purity and lightness, and injecting a refreshing feeling into the scorching summer. 

Musical Program:

Song Title Album/Artist
1. Win the World Heroes of Thunder (Puppet Show Interlude)
2. Feeling Good Escala
3.Red in the East Red in the East Chorus
4. With an Orchid Yanni
5. Electric Romeo Immediate