How Much Does a Firework Show Generally Cost?

You might be wondering how much these elaborate and dazzling shows cost. Let’s just say, it’s a lot of bucks for your bang! Some of the bigger and more complex shows that include music, digital coordination, and large firework shells can cost upwards of $2600 CAD per minute!  

Ottawa’s 150th-year celebration was Canada’s most expensive firework show EVER put on – $250,000.00 was invested into this breathtaking show displayed over Parliament Hill. Shows as large as this require an extreme amount of attention to detail and timing. This display included more than 15,000 fireworks that were launched from 5 different locations. To add an extra touch of detail, they made sure to make the show 20 minutes and 17 seconds to signify the year 2017. Canada’s 150th was celebrated all over Canada with spectacular displays. Some of the other top places to catch fireworks on Canada Day include; Parliament Hill (Ottawa), Niagara Falls (Ontario), the Old Port (Montreal), Inner Harbour (Victoria), Dartmouth (Halifax), and the Forks (Winnipeg) just to name a few.

Disney World, the BIGGEST consumer of fireworks in the world, spends roughly $33,000 USD on a single evening show, and they do that every night! This equates to more than $15 million CAD per year… That’s a lot of dough! Those large caliber shows can cost a pretty penny, but what about the smaller shows? If you wanted to get fireworks for your wedding, anniversary, or birthday,  or you could expect to spend roughly $1,700 CAD or more on a professional display.


How Long Does it Take to Set Up a GlobalFest Fireworks Show?

There is a ton of thought put into the design and presentation of pyro-musicals. On average, about an hour of work goes into every minute of a show!

So how long does GlobalFest take to set up? Each year, 6-7 months before the festival, GlobalFest provides invited participants/countries with the compulsory song, and every team is informed of the rules and requirements well ahead of time. In August when GlobalFest takes place, the teams begin setting up for their shows 3-4 days before the date of the festival.




How many people does it take to put on GlobalFest?

It takes a village! GlobalFest itself has a full-time team of 5 people, alongside 4 contractors, 5 summer students, and 600-800 operational volunteers. There’s also an in-house team of 10 pyrotechnicians who support the international teams during the Trico Homes International Fireworks Festival.

GlobalFest is also home to the OneWorld Festival which hosts an array of cultural pavilions, two performance stages, including the TD Main Stage, a night market, and food from around the world! The OneWorld Festival is made possible thanks to 1,500 cultural volunteers.