Calgary, ALTA May 12, 2023 – GlobalFest is proud to announce Barry Enterprises as our newest security sponsor for the GlobalFest EuroTour happening from August 17th – 26th, at Elliston Park in Calgary.

The value of added security is significant. During each of the 5 nights of GlobalFest, an average of 18,000 visitors will enter Elliston Park, accumulating to roughly 90,000 total visitors. For the fireworks performance, there is a minimum of 30, 200mm shells that will go off each night, accumulating to over 150 through the 5 nights. Each night, after the performances and fireworks, the clean-up crews work up until 2:00am to ensure the park and the neighbourhood is clean for Elliston Park to be re-opened to the public each day between festival nights.

GlobalFest’s COO, Ken Goosen, is thrilled to partner with Barry Enterprises, stating that this new partnership “goes beyond the provisions of security but also deepens our commitments within the corporate sector in working with companies being led by culturally diverse individuals.” Ken strongly believes in Chazz Barry and his team, as they exemplify the vast diversity of our community.

“The partnership between GlobalFest and Barry Enterprises Elite Protection Team came at the perfect time,” said Chazz Barry, Founder and CEO of Barry Enterprises. “[Our] core values and mission directly align with GlobalFest’s mission.”

About Barry Enterprises:

Accumulating over 65 years of knowledge, Barry Enterprises has a tremendous amount of experience, and can provide customized protection services designed to suite the differing needs of clientele. With the mantra of recruit, retrain, retain, identify, advise, and execute, Barry Enterprises will provide their expertise in ensuring the safety and protection of both customers and the festival.

About GlobalFest:

GlobalFest is a not-for-profit society dedicated to celebrating and showcasing Calgary’s cultural diversity and artistic excellence within our communities and across the globe. We are committed to producing an inclusive, world-class, multi-faceted arts and cultural festival that will enhance Alberta’s reputation as a truly international destination.

For more information, contact:

Taiyo Erskine | Marketing and Communications Coordinator
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