GlobalFest in Calgary is renowned for its incredible celebration of multicultural communities, bringing unique global arts, performances, and cuisine into the spotlight. While the festival is famous for its breathtaking fireworks displays and cultural pavilions, it also offers a wealth of activities and entertainment options specifically designed for families with children. As families from Alberta, Montana, Idaho, and Washington gather to enjoy the festivities this summer, they can look forward to an array of family-friendly experiences that cater to all age groups. GlobalFest 2024 is the perfect opportunity for parents and children alike to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of cultural diversity and make lasting memories together.

Let’s discover the diverse range of family-friendly activities and entertainment options that await you at this year’s GlobalFest. We’ve planned interactive workshops, captivating performances, and engaging children’s programming. So, gather your little ones and step into a world filled with wonder, excitement, and learning as you embark on a family adventure to the heart of Calgary’s multicultural celebration.

From hands-on cultural workshops and traditional games to enchanting storytelling sessions and mesmerizing dance performances, GlobalFest offers endless opportunities for families to engage in delightful activities that foster curiosity, creativity and a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of cultures that make up our world. The festival’s family-oriented program ensures that parents and children can partake in a memorable experience celebrating global harmony and understanding, all while sharing the joy of cultural discovery.

Hands-on Cultural Workshops: Learning Through Experience

One of the most exciting aspects of GlobalFest for families is the wide array of interactive cultural workshops available for attendees of all ages. Through various hands-on activities, you and your children can participate in traditional crafts, learn indigenous games, or even try out some cultural dance moves. These workshops are not only fun and engaging but also provide an opportunity for families to foster intercultural understanding and celebrate the unique aspects of diverse communities. Parents and children can bond over new experiences and gain a deeper appreciation for the fascinating array of cultures that make up our world.

Captivating Performances: The Joy of Live Entertainment

GlobalFest’s family-friendly entertainment showcases extraordinary talent from around the world that will leave a lasting impression. With a diverse lineup of performers, including musicians, dancers, and cultural performance groups, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes. These lively performances introduce families to the fascinating world of global arts, encouraging a love for creativity, expression and cultural diversity. Immerse yourself in the vibrant sights and sounds that fill the festival with colour and energy, and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Engaging Children’s Programming: Fun for the Youngest Festival-goers

GlobalFest goes above and beyond to ensure that even the youngest attendees have an enjoyable time at the festival. With dedicated children’s programming, kids can participate in age-appropriate activities, games, and storytelling sessions that promote learning, creativity, and cultural understanding. These activities provide a great way for the youngest festival-goers to connect with other children and engage with the world’s diverse cultures in a safe and nurturing environment. By fostering multicultural appreciation from a young age, GlobalFest contributes to the development of culturally compassionate future generations.

Discovering International Cuisine: A Culinary Adventure

An essential component of exploring different cultures is the opportunity to sample delicious and diverse foods from around the globe. At GlobalFest, food lovers young and old can embark on a culinary journey, savouring tantalizing dishes from various corners of the Earth. The festival’s bustling food markets offer an array of international treats, ranging from savoury entrées to mouthwatering desserts. This culinary adventure allows families to bond over shared flavours and irresistible aromas while uncovering the rich cultural stories behind each dish. Introducing children to international cuisines broadens their taste horizons and encourages cultural curiosity, making this a delicious and educational experience for the entire family.

Celebrating Diversity Together at GlobalFest 2024

GlobalFest 2024 offers an unparalleled family-friendly experience, boasting an exciting blend of interactive workshops, awe-inspiring performances, engaging children’s activities, and delightful international cuisine. By attending this vibrant and immersive celebration of multiculturalism, families can forge lasting memories, nurture meaningful connections, and develop a genuine appreciation for our world’s incredible cultural diversity.

Whether you’re a Calgarian or planning a trip to the city this summer, consider including GlobalFest in your family’s itinerary. The festival provides an accessible and welcoming space for all generations to explore, learn, and celebrate global cultures in all their beautiful and varied forms. Don’t miss out on this enriching and unforgettable Calgary community events experience – secure your family’s tickets for GlobalFest 2024 and join us in promoting peace, understanding, and global harmony through the power of cultural exchange.