As we gear up for GlobalFest 2024, our team is eager to share the exceptional talent that awaits our visitors. As an annual celebration of Calgary’s multicultural communities, hosting pavilions, performances, international food, children’s programming, and fireworks, we take great pride in curating a lineup of unique artists hailing from various corners of the globe. Our mission? To provide a vibrant and immersive cultural experience, whether you’re a local Calgarian or traveling from nearby regions like Saskatchewan, Montana, Idaho, or Washington.


Highlighting the multicultural richness of our world, GlobalFest @ Elliston seeks out world-class local and international performers, showcasing the diverse heritage of Spain, Brazil, Mexico, the USA, and Canada. Our event illuminates the sky with a colliding orchestra of light and sound, featuring presentations produced by world-class pyro-musical artists that culminate in a breathtaking Canadian-produced finale.


Let’s go behind the scenes of the painstaking process of handpicking the artists and performers who grace the stage at GlobalFest 2024. From dance troupes and musicians to storytellers and visual artists, we carefully select each act to reflect the diversity of cultures and talents the world has to offer. Our team attends showcases and cultural festivals and collaborates with ethnic communities to identify the most captivating, innovative, and expressive artists.


Join us as we delve into the intricacies of curating an unforgettable celebration of global artistry at GlobalFest 2024, revealing our criteria for selecting performers and the care we take to forge a truly remarkable experience for guests of all ages. With a glimpse into our commitment to diversity and entertainment, we invite you to witness firsthand the enchanting fusion of world cultures that awaits you at GlobalFest 2024.


Scouting Talent at Showcases


Our search for unique talent begins by attending local showcases and cultural festivals that display the enchanting artistry of performers from around the world. These events, held in various countries, serve as a platform for exceptional artists to exhibit their skills in front of an international audience. This is where our team members, armed with an eye for captivating performers, come in. We evaluate each act based on their originality, appeal, and cultural authenticity, ensuring that the artists we ultimately select for GlobalFest 2024 are engaging and representative of cultural diversity.


Collaborating with Local and Ethnic Communities


Developing strong relationships with local and ethnic communities is an essential component of our talent-scouting process. By engaging with these communities in Calgary and within our target regions, we gain invaluable insights into the rich cultural tapestry our diverse world possesses. Moreover, this hands-on approach provides us with the opportunity to identify potential talent, share resources, and co-create authentic and powerful performances that celebrate the beauty in diversity.


Careful Consideration of Art Forms


GlobalFest 2024’s lineup will comprise a mix of traditional and contemporary forms of artistic expression. From mesmerizing dance acts and enchanting musical performances to intriguing storytelling sessions and astounding visual arts, we strive to provide a multifaceted cultural experience for our guests, reflecting the vast range of art forms that exist across the globe. Our curatorial process takes into account the need for variety, ensuring that the performers we select provide a diverse and dynamic representation of cultural expression.


Supporting a Multigenerational and Family-Friendly Atmosphere


In our quest to curate the ideal blend of artists for GlobalFest 2024, we prioritize creating a family-oriented environment. Our selection of performers takes into account various age groups in order to provide an entertaining and engaging experience for all attendees. By including acts that cater to different tastes and preferences, we ensure that the event remains inclusive and offers something for everyone.


Embrace the Wonders of the World at GlobalFest 2024


GlobalFest 2024 promises to be an extraordinary experience of global cultures and talents that will captivate the hearts of all its visitors. Our team’s steadfast dedication to identifying, supporting, and showcasing the best talent the world has to offer ensures a unique and unforgettable event for Calgarians and travelers from nearby places like British Columbia, Montana, Saskatchewan, and Washington.


From breathtaking pyro-musical showcases to diverse art forms and multicultural performances, GlobalFest 2024 offers a brilliant opportunity to immerse yourself in a truly vibrant cultural experience. Our continued commitment to providing a rich and multifaceted celebration of world cultures is a testament to our dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.


Join us this summer at GlobalFest 2024 and discover the abundance of international talents waiting to be explored. Secure your tickets today and experience first-hand the unforgettable fusion of world cultures and exceptional artistic expression that awaits you.