When Were Fireworks First Created?

How far back do fireworks go? Pretty far back actually, in fact, the first rumoured use of fireworks dates back to 200BC China! That’s 2200 years ago! Early stories suggest the discovery was a serendipitous one, which took place while searching for a recipe for eternal life. Fireworks back then were pretty primitive compared to the complex versions we have now, they consisted of throwing bamboo shafts filled with sulfur, saltpetre, and charcoal into an open flame to create a dramatic explosion. The hope was to use this newly discovered phenomenon to ward off evil spirits and bring about good luck and happiness.

The Addition of Colour

Slowly, began their evolution. In the 1830s, the Italians discovered that mixing the metals with different chemicals could create an array of colours. So what colours were fireworks before the 1800’s? They were actually orange. Yes, all of them! But by experimenting with barium, copper, sodium, and strontium, they were able to create green, blue, yellow, and red.

Imagine seeing orange fireworks you’re whole life and then suddenly.. RED, BLUE.. YELLOW!

Despite their humble origins, fireworks have become an art form unto itself. Special pyrotechnic software has led to countless possibilities, allowing for the awe-inspiring spectacles that you see at GlobalFest.

“Did you know that each firework is detonated remotely?”

Each vivid colour is generated by the different metals used.

  • Reds are derived from strontium carbonate
  • Orange from calcium chloride
  • Yellow from sodium chloride
  • Green from barium chloride
  • Blue from copper chloride
  • Aluminium and charcoal are responsible for white and gold

Ensuring that you have the appropriate amount space is absolutely critical, as safety must always be a primary concern. Art, science, math, and physics can harmoniously combined to ignite an illuminated dance in the sky. Locations close to large bodies of water are more popular due to the brilliant reflections and illumination that are created. Yes, that’s why we use Elliston Park, because of the water!



The GlobalFest Fireworks Festival

There is immense preparation that goes into each country’s GlobalFest firework performance. Each show is made possible by the extremely skilled pyrotechnicians who are able to inspire our senses with light, sound, and smoke.  

Behind each display there is a story, a journey, and an orchestra of light that these pyro artists are judged upon. Each country chooses a musical score to accompany the journey of pyro artistry. The judges take into account the quality, originality, vividness, culturally related music, and synchronization of each performance.

When all of these components are executed appropriately the result is a truly unique experience of music, luminescence, and tantalized senses. While the judges’ task may be a very difficult one, spectators of Globalfest need only sit, back and enjoy the show.