In the days leading up to the start of my new job as Marketing and Communications Coordinator at GlobalFest, I was running countless scenarios through my head of the day-to-day life in the office: hundreds of people running around, hard to make friends, no proper desk or cubicle for me.

I could not have been further from the truth.

This blog is going to be more of an appreciation post for the GlobalFest team. For those who do not know, only TEN people working at GlobalFest, including the 3 temporary summer interns. Of those ten people, there are usually only six of us in the office daily. Ken Goosen, John Pham, and Wendy Wilson are running the show and taking on mountains of work to make sure that GlobalFest holds up to its high reputation as a platform for multiculturalism and celebration. It is inspiring to see the amount of dedication that this team has. The level of passion and pride in this office is immeasurable, and surely the oil that keeps this machine working.

Outside of the office, Olwen Bell is working tirelessly through time zone differences between Calgary and Australia! Her dedication to GlobalFest is shown through the countless 5 am wake ups to hop on meetings with me and assign me tasks, as well as organize majority of the marketing for GlobalFest.

This team treats each other like a family; having lunches together and constant positive interaction has created an incredible workplace culture that alleviates the pressures and deadlines they constantly face. They have been nothing but welcoming and supportive to the YLOT Interns and have made it fun to work in this office.

Lastly, I did get a cubicle!

Taiyo Erskine | Marketing and Communications Coordinator