Lunar New Year is an exciting time to connect with loved ones, celebrate, and eat delicious food. Lunar New year is an important celebration for many east and southeast Asian cultures like China, Vietnam, and Korea. 


This holiday is celebrated for multiple days and typically lasts around fifteen days! The New Year In China is the spring festival or chūnjié in mandarin; in Korea, it is Seollal; and té’t in Vietnam.


In the days leading up to New Year’s Eve, families spend time cleaning their homes to get rid of the dust and bad luck associated with it and bring in New Year’s luck. Many traditions vary from city to city, but often these traditions involve family, food, and fireworks (three of our favourite things!)


In Calgary, many celebrations are already underway and continuing into this weekend. Below, we have linked some exciting events in the city for you to check out this weekend and celebrate the new year!


Check out these events in the city!

Lion Dance at Elliston Park during GlobalFest. Photo by J&J Lawrence Photography.

Chinese New Year Festival: This event will take place at the Chinese Cultural Centre and feature lion dances, multicultural performances, art exhibitions, and more on Saturday, January 21st, and Sunday, January 22nd. More info here.


Lunar New Year Celebration Concert – This concert is at University of Calgary and is sure to be an amazing time! Event is taking place on January 22nd at 1:30 PM. More info here.


Korean Lunar New Year Festival: celebrate Korean New Year with lots of exciting activities in the works on February 4th! More info here.