Due to some unforeseen events, the Italian fireworks designer crew will now be supported by Archangel Fireworks Inc. Although the Italy Night fireworks will be designed by a Canadian company, the vision that was desired for the Italian presentation will be carried through via musical scores and other creative choices.

“I would like to thank GlobalFest for inviting me to bring the vision of Italy to your amazing international “EuroTour” fireworks festival and I was thrilled to accept the opportunity.  It is with profound sadness that I find that I will not be able to be with you, in person, this year for the Italian presentation due to a personal health issue which I need to attend to.  However, I am pleased to have Alex Popple design and present the Italian show on my behalf.  I know Alex will do an amazing job in bringing Italy to your Calgary audiences.”

              Antonio Orzella, Orzella Fireworks (Italy)

Archangel’s designer, Alex Popple, also has shared his thoughts on the situation:

I am honoured to have the privilege of designing the Italy Night at GlobalFest on behalf of Antonio and in sharing some of his vision of Italy.  I look forward to transporting the festival audience to Italy through carefully selected scores of music that showcase the wide variety of exciting and beautiful music that call Italy home while including one of my personal favourite pieces.  I wish Antonio a speedy recovery to good health and to continuing his legacy of exceptional Italian pyromusical artistry.”

                Alex Popple, Designer, Display Fireworks Manager Archangel Fireworks Inc.

We would like to thank Alex and Archangel Fireworks for quickly stepping in to help with ensuring the production of Italy Night goes smoothly, and thank Antonio and Orzella Fireworks for their musical scores, creativity, and bringing their Italian culture to GlobalFest through beautiful and mesmerizing pyrotechnics.


Taiyo Erskine | Marketing and Communications Associate