Braden “Troo Knot” Lyster, GlobalFest Urban Arts Crew (Moderator)
Braden Lyster is an artist, mentor, and community connector based out of Calgary. His solo project, Troo Knot is a wild buffet of groovy jungle-jazz sprinkled with Hip Hop and comedy. Sometimes he dresses up like a dancing monkey to keep his audience on their toes. Braden is also the lead singer for two local bands, Fermented Beet Orchestra and Sonder. He is a creative youth mentor for the GlobalFest Urban Arts Crew, Movement with a Message, The Alex Food Community Center, and Sound Kreations. He also does respite work in the special needs community and his missions are to radically express his truth through art and to empower others through connection and support. Though this monkey is committed to Calgary, he does have plans to travel the world with his beautiful parter Zam, teaching, performing, and exploring.