Only Service Guide Dogs are permitted in Elliston Park during GlobalFest. These Qualified Service Guide Dogs must:

  • Come from one of Alberta’s Qualified Service Dog Organizations
  • Pass an Assessment administered by a qualified organization
  • Come from a school certified by Assistance Dogs International (ADI)

Owners will be asked to produce Government of Alberta Service ID Card and ADI School ID Card.

Once a service animal has been verified at the gate, we may ask to add a colored Band to the animal’s collar or mobility device to provide a visual to other guests and Security through out the park that this animal is permitted on site. 

Emotional support or comfort dogs and therapy dogs are not considered service dogs under Alberta’s Service Dogs Act and Service Dogs Qualification Regulations. Emotional support dogs provide comfort and companionship to the dog owner but are not trained to do specific tasks that assist a disability. A therapy dog is brought by the owner on visits to people in institutions or in their homes, providing others with an opportunity to interact with a dog.

For the safety of all guest’s attending GlobalFest, emotional, comfort or therapy animals will not be permitted in Elliston Park during the festival.

All Service Animal Handlers must carry an Alberta Service Dog Identification Card.

For more information or questions please contact:
Service Dog Assessment Team
780-427-9136 (Edmonton)
310-0000, then 780-427-9136 (toll-free)

Government of Alberta
Human Services