Earth Day 2022

GlobalFest is a community development organization focused on the creation of a more inclusive society, without barriers and with greater understanding. As a non-profit social enterprise, we offer festivals and events to fund a major portion of these works.

Addressing environmental impacts of outdoor festivals, particularly those involving fireworks, is about tracking action, working toward improvements, and committing to ongoing progress and quality outcomes.

To date, GlobalFest has focused its environmental efforts with a recycling program, redirecting compostable waste, and leaving the venue in better shape than we receive it. Our official pyrotechnic supplier Archangel Fireworks and crew purchase carbon offsets for pyrotechnics displays through PlanetAir – a non-profit leader in the fight against climate change.

Crunch The Numbers!

– The Green Team involves over 70 volunteers contributing 2750 hours annually;

– Post-Event Crew put in 610 hours to ensure Elliston Park is pristine once we leave;

– 33.81% of waste was diverted from landfill to compost and recycling (2019);

– One third of our audience uses a shuttle service rather than private vehicles to attend the event.

What About The Fireworks?

– GlobalFest uses shells with less plastics to reduce debris and micro plastics entering the water;

– Our pyrotechnics team work with precise modeling software to measure carbon and particulate output;

– We adjusted our supply chain to minimize shipping distance and reduce greenhouse emissions from transportation of fireworks product.

Our Ask for 2022 and Beyond.

GlobalFest is seeking a provider for solar-powered lighting towers and generators to continue to reduce environmental impacts from power generation needs. Partner with us!

The next legacy project in our plan is GlobalFest Groves – landscaped green spaces with trees and plants to offset our carbon footprint, and permanent performance spaces for our growing multi-cultural communities. Check out our calendar for more information and pop-up events coming this summer.

“The Earth is what we all have in common.” —Wendell Berry