Help Alberta’s Most Explosive Festival light up the skies again with our 50/50!

This is the first time since 2003 that GlobalFest is not lighting up the skies above Elliston Park. Each year, GlobalFest brings together fireworks, families, culture and entertainment during its summer festival. As a non-profit organization, GlobalFest relies on support from the community to deliver on its mission to celebrate and showcase Calgary’s cultural diversity and artistic excellence.

Purchase your Fall 50/50 tickets for a chance to win up to $50,000! Minimum guaranteed payout is $20,000 or 50% of ticket sales (whichever is greater).

Your support will help us continue our other annual community outreach work including the Human Rights Forum, the Individuals & Families in Need program and more.

  • Ticket Sales Start: Friday 25 September, 2020
  • Ticket Sales End: Saturday 19 December, 2020
  • Draw Date: Monday 21 December, 2020
  • Draw Location: Stride Management Corp.

The draw and winning numbers will be posted on our website and Facebook Page, and the lucky winner contacted to collect their share of the prize.

Thank you for your support and good luck!

*Must be over 18 years of age and resident of Alberta to purchase.

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GLOBALFEST 2019 Winners

Prize Amount: $2,418
Ticket: B175440
Congrats to Katherine L!

Prize Amount: $4,295
Ticket: CD301159
Congrats to Matthew C & Teri C!

Prize Amount: $3,544
Ticket: DD457906
Congrats to Ashley W!

Prize Amount: $3,505.50
Ticket: ED214397
Congrats to Joe M & Erika P!

Prize Amount: $4,942
Ticket: FD489819
Congrats to Richard C!

GLOBALFEST 2018 Winners

Draw Amount: $2,726

Winning Ticket Number: 844334

Congrats to Sandra E!

Winning Ticket #: AC-561078

Winning Amount: $3911.50

Congratulations to Geoffrey M!

Draw Amount:$3341.00

Winning Ticket Number:AD- 713250

Congratulations to Kris H!

Draw Amount: $4072.00

Winning Ticket Number: AD-197139

Congrats to Gerard C!

Draw Amount: $7515.00

Winning Ticket Number: AA-331353

Congratulations to Kirsten M!

GLOBALFEST 2017 Winners

Draw Amount:$2,018.00

Winning Ticket Number:A-521976

Prize was not claimed. $2,018.00 will be added to the Finale 50/50 draw.

Draw Amount:$3,374.50

Winning Ticket Number:A-586310

Congratulations Allan Y!

Draw Amount:$4,644.00

Winning Ticket Number:A-450323

Congratulations Douglas A!

Draw Amount:$2,821.00

Winning Ticket Number:A-407733

Congratulations Nathalie F!

Draw Amount:$3,565.50

Winning Ticket Number:A-235268

Prize was not claimed. $3,565.60 will be added to the Finale 50/50 draw.

Draw Amount: $14,318.50

Winning Ticket Number: A-244647

Congratulations Megan G!