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GlobalFest has a nightly 50/50! Five festival nights means five chances to win! Tickets are available for as little as $2 using cash or credit card, during festival nights from 6:00 to 9:00 PM! The winning number will be announced from the TD Main Stage between 9:15 and 9:30 PM each night, so listen carefully in case your ticket is the winner! Good luck!

1 for $2           3 for $5           10 for $10       40 for $20

Keep your eyes open for roving ticket sellers at Elliston Park, or visit the following areas in the park:
Co-op Corner Gate, OneWorld Bar, RONA VIP Gate Pathway, South Seating Bowl and VIP Village

Public Rules & Regulations

Please see rules and regulations below or by visiting this link

Draw Procedures

At approximately 9:15pm, once all ticket sellers have returned to the Production Area, submitted their digital machines (sold tickets are printed in real-time and placed in a draw drum), as well as cash and credit/debit transactions, the draw drum will be brought out of the trailer for others to witness the draw.

The Associate Producer will remove all items from finger tips to elbow, with approval from draw witnesses, turn around and place their hand into the drum and select one ticket stub. When witnesses confirm that a single ticket has been picked, the Associate Producer will remove their arm from the drum and announce the winning ticket number and amount of the prize.

The winning ticket number and prize amount will be announced over the radio for security and other volunteers to acknowledge the ticket has been drawn and to lookout for the winner to identify themselves. The winning number and prize amount will also be sent to the TD Main Stage, where the nightly emcee will make the announcement from.

Location of announcement: TD Main Stage in the South bowl of Elliston Park

Method of announcement: Winning ticket number will be announced by the emcee of that evening on the park-wide sound system

Time limit for the ticket buyer to claim a prize: 24 hours (by 9:15pm the following evening)

Where to claim prize: Prize can be claimed at the TD Main Stage – this will be announced park-wide. Winner can also call #403-998-5623 & leave a message.

Where to claim prize

Prize can be claimed at the TD Main Stage – this will be announced park-wide. Winner can also call #403-998-5623 & leave a message.

If the prize is not claimed within the allotted 24 hours, the ticket will be deemed as void and the prize money will be carried forward to the last draw date, Saturday, August 25, Finale night.

If the prize is not claimed on Finale night, the prize monies will be held in trust, upon AGLC approval, until the next 50/50 raffle, which would occur at GlobalFest 2019 – August 15 – 24, 2019.

Should weather force organizers to postpone a pyromusical show in advance, all ticket selling will be carried forward to the appropriately designated weather alternate night with AGLC approval. If weather forces organizers to postpone a pyromusical show on-site, all ticket selling will end and a winning ticket will be drawn the following morning and announced via www.globalfest.ca.
24 hour claim period will still apply.

All winning ticket numbers will be announced on-site, as well as posted on the GlobalFest website homepage, www.globalfest.ca.

Method by which the prize will be paid: CHEQUE
Prize money will be presented to the winner in form of a post-dated cheque (2 to 3 days after draw date, depending on draw date – weekday or weekend). This will allow time for the collected gaming money to be deposited into the organization’s gaming account.

When the winner identifies themselves at TD Main Stage or by phone call, they will be directed to meet 50/50 organizers in the Production Area (east of the Co-op Corner Gate) to verify the winning ticket, and be provided post-dated cheque, along with the signing of the release agreement.

Ticket breakout: 50/50 tickets are sold at the following price points:

1 for $2 3 for $5 10 for $10 40 for $20

Based on a each total transaction, the proceeds breakout as follows:
‣ 50% goes to the 50/50 winner
‣ 50% goes to the Calgary Fireworks Festival Society (o/a GlobalFest)

Note: Prize payouts are based on ticket sales, and not cash retained by sellers.

Ticket Requirements & Sales
Sale of 50/50 tickets will begin at 6 pm, when the festival gates open. Sellers will begin to return to the Production Area by 9:00 pm, in order to verify total ticket sales, credit and cash amounts, as well as return floats.

Sales will only occur within Elliston Park, which is completely enclosed.

There are three entrances to the park:
1. Along 17th Avenue at 65th Street SE (Southland Shuttle Gate)
2. On the corner of 17th Avenue and 60th Street SE (Co-op Corner Gate)
3. Along 60th Street SE where the main parking lot of Elliston Park is located (RONA VIP Gate)

GlobalFest will be utilizing a digital ticketing system as per agreement with 5050 Central.

Purchasing Restrictions
1. GlobalFest staff, board members and immediate family members of the aforementioned are ineligible to purchase 50/50 tickets and claim any prizes.
2. Tickets shall not be sold to a person under 18 years of age.
3. Prize cannot be claimed by anyone under the age of 18 years old. If this occurs, the prize will fall under the Trustee Act.
4. Once 50/50 tickets are purchased, they cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Contact name for complaints or disputes:
Nikki Macaraeg Office: 403-569-9679
Associate Producer Cell: 403-615-1639
GlobalFest E-mail: associate@globalfest.ca

GLOBALFEST 2018 Winners

Draw Amount: $2,726

Winning Ticket Number: 844334

Congrats to Sandra E!

Winning Ticket #: AC-561078

Winning Amount: $3911.50

Congratulations to Geoffrey M!

Draw Amount:$3341.00

Winning Ticket Number:AD- 713250

Congratulations to Kris H!

Draw Amount: $4072.00

Winning Ticket Number: AD-197139

Congrats to Gerard C!

Draw Amount: $7515.00

Winning Ticket Number: AA-331353

Congratulations to Kirsten M!

GLOBALFEST 2017 Winners

Draw Amount:$2,018.00

Winning Ticket Number:A-521976

Prize was not claimed. $2,018.00 will be added to the Finale 50/50 draw.

Draw Amount:$3,374.50

Winning Ticket Number:A-586310

Congratulations Allan Y!

Draw Amount:$4,644.00

Winning Ticket Number:A-450323

Congratulations Douglas A!

Draw Amount:$2,821.00

Winning Ticket Number:A-407733

Congratulations Nathalie F!

Draw Amount:$3,565.50

Winning Ticket Number:A-235268

Prize was not claimed. $3,565.60 will be added to the Finale 50/50 draw.

Draw Amount: $14,318.50

Winning Ticket Number: A-244647

Congratulations Megan G!