2016 Urban Arts Program / Youth Forum

The GlobalFest Urban Arts Crew is now booking for our 2016-17 school season of live performances and workshops. Please contact Rebecca.dawn@globalfest.ca for details. 

2016 is year seven of the GlobalFest Urban Arts Program! Our team of urban artists have embarked on a journey of collective learning and professional development to deliver empowering experiences in creative arts to young people in our city. This year, thanks to the hard work of the artists and admin team, and with the support of our sponsors and partners, the GlobalFest Urban Arts Crew was able to work with over 1,800 youth from diverse communities across Calgary, including immigrant, refugee and differently-abled teens. To celebrate diversity across the city, we’ve added the “One-World-Cypher” to our live show repertoire: featuring rap in seven languages!

The GlobalFest Urban Arts Program is committed to providing meaningful employment opportunities for local musicians, poets, dancers and visual artists, in support of long-term sustainability and growth for Calgary’s arts community. 

Customized Productions, Programming, and Live Events 

This year, our team had the opportunity to create a brand new GlobalFest production that was scripted, choreographed, scored, and produced by Calgary-based urban artists in consultation with the Calgary Zoo. The GlobalFest Urban Arts Crew kicked off the year with an outdoors, family-friendly urban musical theatre production that took place on the grounds for "Zoo Year’s Eve!" Along with a live graffiti demonstration indoors, our cast of wild animals had kids of all ages roaring, with dance, rap and DJing until the spectacular fireworks for the 2016 countdown.

Artist-in-Residence Programs and Urban Arts Camps 

This year we facilitated graffiti, poetry and dance experiences for teens in English, French and Spanish.

Many thanks to our collaborating schools: Bishop Pinkham School, Altadore School, Mountain View Academy, William Roper Hull School and Calgary Girls School. 

Youth Forum 

The GlobalFest Urban Arts Crew brought exciting, high-level performance and the opportunity to workshop different art forms to five Calgary Schools in 2016: Saint Margaret Elementary / Junior High School, Mountain View Academy, Ernest Morrow School, Father Scollen Catholic School and Saint Matthew School.

Calgary After School

In spring and summer of this year, the City of Calgary and Calgary After School invited the GlobalFest Urban Arts Crew back for another season of urban dance styles at the Beltline and Bob Bahan Aquatic and Fitness Centres.

In addition to encouraging healthy life choices and values such as respect and friendship, Urban Arts also complement and emphasize school curriculum content such as language arts, physical education, music, math, visual art, health and wellness, history and social studies.  Through culture and community, young people build life-skills and attract long-term opportunities, not only in the urban arts of spoken word poetry, rap, dance, DJing, beatboxing and graffiti, but in all areas of urban living. We look forward to another year of continued success, good vibes and keeping it live! 



Angela Gladue aka "Lunacee" Gene Cabarroguis aka "Gomo" Ryan De Guzman aka "Rubix"
Dancer           DJ / Dancer Emcee
Aristotle Ngandu Nsungani aka "Amauri" Jamal Hamadeh  Samantha Ramirez aka "Zam"
Dancer / Spoken Word Poet DJ / Spoken Word Poet Dancer
Bryan Francisco  Kenna Burima Scarlett McGillis aka "DJ Scarlett"
Spoken Word Poet Songwriter DJ
Cam "The Human" Taylor  Krizia "Canvas" Carlos Jason Chanthyvong aka "Jayzen"
Beatboxer / Emcee / Spoken Word Poet Dancer DJ
Candice Fudge  Lamar Ramos aka "Twizzie" Stefan Lewis
Graffiti Writer Emcee DJ
Connie Jakab  Mirical MacDonald Tara Handelman
Dancer Graffiti Writer Graffiti Writer
Erick Gutierrez aka "Eazy G" Rebecca Dawn Tori Nix
Beatboxer  Emcee / Graffiti Writer Dancer
Erine Thai     
Spoken Word Poet    
Special Thanks to FloatLife, Italian Supermarket and PK Sound

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