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  • Saturday, Feb 17 @ 7:45pm

    Join us as we light up the night sky and the slopes over Panorama Mountain Resort with a stunning Family Day fireworks presented by GlobalFest, and torchlight parade.
    The kid friendly glow stick parade will make its way through the Discovery Zone before the chairlifts are turned off and the flaming torches are lit at the top of the Mile 1 for the torchlight descent. The Ski & Ride team, along with a group of volunteers will slowly snake their way down from the top of the Mile 1 Express to the base. The firework display will commence once the last torchlight skier arrives in the village.  
    Schedule (times are subject to change)
    • 7:45 PM - Glow Stick Parade
    • 8:15 PM - Torchlight Parade
    • 8:30 PM - Fireworks display (presented by GlobalFest)

    To be part of the glow stick or torchlight parade, please visit the Ski & Ride desk in Ski Tip Lodge. 
    For more information, please click here.
    In tribute to the recent passing of Warren Miller, ski and snowboard filmmaker, the GlobalFest fireworks team will be shooting a short tribute fireworks display immediately following the Panorama Family Day Fireworks presentation.  Stick around as we pay homage to this ski industry icon.

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