The Refugee Experience: Settlement & Integration with Robert Philp, Marjorie MacRae, Roda Siad, Aileen Astudillo, and Honourable Ricardo Miranda

What: Human Rights Forum presented by TD: The Refugee Experience: Settlement & Intergration
Where: Calgary Public Library’s John Dutton Theatre (616 Macleod Trail SE)
When: Monday, August 18th – 12:00 PM-1:30 PM
Who: Robert Philp, Marjorie MacRae, Roda Siad, and Aileen Astudillo
(Calgary, AB – August 17, 2016) – With the recent influx of Syrian refugees this past year, the Human Rights Forum presented by TD will feature several panellists who will share their perspectives and recent experiences observing and helping refugees and refugee families in their transition to Canadian life.
The speakers that will be featured in this panel discussion include Moderator, Alberta Human Rights Commission, Robert Philp; Marjorie MacRae, Refugee Sponsorship Initiative; Roda Siad, Documentary Filmmaker and Community Developer; and Aileen Astudillo, Cargill High River; and the Honourable Ricardo Miranda, Alberta Minister of Culture and Tourism.
The Human Rights Forum presented by TD is a free to attend panel discussion held at the Calgary Public Library’s John Dutton Theatre and has been offered as a part of GlobalFest’s programming since 2007. Recognized as an excellent platform for sharing experiences, knowledge, and practical solutions necessary to address issues of racism and discrimination, the Human Rights Forum presented by TD encourages systemic change across the Canadian community in a positive and safe environment.
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