Horizon Oilfield Solutions Joins GlobalFest as Official Sponsor

(Calgary, AB – June 7, 2016) Horizon Oilfield Solutions has joined as an Official Sponsor of GlobalFest for 2016!

Horizon Oilfield Solutions (HOS) is a Calgary born, Alberta grown company on the brink of exciting market expansion. Inspired to see the world not as it is – but as it could be – they imagine, design, patent, manufacture and market intuitive, technology-based equipment that requires less fuel, minimal maintenance and low operating cost – all while preserving the environment.

With a well-deserved social license to operate, HOS has been making it easy for their valued customers to support and facilitate their initiatives since 2010. Their anchor products, CleanSteam™ Wastewater Dehydration System and CleanTek™ Solar-Hybrid Light Tower, have built a strong foundation on which HOS has paired cutting edge technology with superior customer service.

2016 is poised to be the company's biggest year yet with the launch of 2 incredible new products and a massive philanthropic campaign designed to help their customers give back to the community. As they prepare to expand globally on their great success within the energy and construction sectors in Western Canada, HOS stands as an ambassador of what we can all become when we push ourselves to think outside the box.

For more information about Horizon, please visit horizonoilfield.ca.

Through the sponsorship of community-oriented organizations focused on celebrating the vibrant multicultural communities within Calgary, GlobalFest is able to continue to produce a world-class arts and cultural festival that celebrates a world of difference. As GlobalFest strives to run a green festival, we are thrilled to receive this significant support from Horizon Oilfield Solutions, a company that underlines the importance eco-friendly operations. Horizon Oilfield Solutions will be providing the Festival with their CleanTek™ Solar-Hybrid LED Light Towers, a solar powered lighting system that provides a powerful, innovative, and eco-friendly alternative for lighting this year’s Festival.

GlobalFest would like to thank Horizon Oilfield Solutions for their generous commitment to the Festival. GlobalFest is proud to run an eco-friendly festival, and with the support of Horizon Oilfield Solutions, GlobalFest can continue to produce Alberta’s Most Explosive Festival! Welcome to the GlobalFest Family, Horizon Oilfield Solutions!

For more information about GlobalFest, please visit globalfest.ca.


For additional information, please contact:
Erin Fiell, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
P: 403.569.9679
E: erin.fiell@globalfest.ca

About GlobalFestGlobalFest is a not-for-profit society dedicated to celebrating and showcasing Calgary’s cultural diversity and artistic excellence within our communities locally and across the globe. We are committed to producing an inclusive, world-class, multi-faceted arts and cultural festival that will enhance Alberta’s reputation as a truly international destination.

GlobalFest, August 18-27, 2016, will host five countries of the Americas to participate in the Trico Homes International Fireworks Festival in an explosive display of multiculturalism: Brazil, Chile, Mexico, USA, and Canada’s renowned Finale display. GlobalFest is host to numerous other exciting events alongside its world-renowned and award-winning pyromusical fireworks display: a thought-provoking, multi-day Human Rights Forum presented by TD that tackles issues such as racism, discrimination, and cultural inclusion; the Sunbelt Rentals OneWorld Festival featuring cultural pavilions, ethnic food vendors, citizenship ceremony; and a night market displaying artisanal works from a variety of vendors. A schedule for these events can be found on GlobalFest’s website: globalfest.ca.


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